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Since the beginning of time, animals have provided man with companionship and unconditional love. Yet, every day in every community animals are neglected and abused. At this moment alone, thousands of animals are without shelter and proper medical care. More still are in the hands of greedy breeders and dog fighters who disregard the wellbeing of these precious animals in order to obtain monetary profit. Countless dogs around the nation suffer from medical illness due to irresponsible breeding. Professional dog fighters often trigger their dogs into extreme survival mode by means of starvation and isolation, turning once carefree and loving creatures into mentally unstable and violent beings. These animals do not have a voice for themselves. They are in desperate need for man to step in. Actor Chad Michael Murray is stepping forward with the help of The Merch Group in order to try and give these precious animals the life they so truly deserve by giving back to shelters around the nation. By purchasing and wearing a shirt with the slogan #RMDBB, or Real Men Don’t Beat Bitches, an animal somewhere will have a better chance of being rescued from abusive conditions or possibly receiving life-saving medical care.

Once you have purchased and received your #RMDBB shirt, you can help us raise awareness and join our fight to end animal cruelty by posting a picture of you in your new shirt, you with your favorite animal friend, or you performing a small act of kindness for the sake of our furry friends with the hashtag #RMBDD to your favorite social media site. With your help, we will be able to reach out to countless people who would otherwise not know about our cause.

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